The Schaeffer Writing Method/ The Persuasive Essay: What I Know

1.The purpose of the thesis in a persuasive essay is tell what each body paragraph will talk  about.
2.Topic sentences relate to the thesis because they tell what each single paragraphh will be about in the first sentence of each.
3.Concrete details relate to the topic sentence because they are the specific details that form a backbone to your body paragraphs.
4.Commentaries relate to the concrete detail because they are yours or someone elses opinion on the concrete detail.
5.How does the wrap-up sentence relate to the body paragraph? the wrap up sentence relates to the body paragraphs because it wraps up the body paragraphs.
How will this organizational method (shaping sheet) help you improve your writing?
This organizational method will help wonders on writing persuasive essays because it keeps all your details in order and your ideas in order. Making sure your paper is formatted perfectly and makes sense.

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