A Long Way Gone Reading Response Journal 7

Brittany Leon
Mrs. Lester
10 Honors English
28 October 2009
    Reading Response 7 Chapt. 16 & 17
    I noticed that the rehabilitation center had a school to help get the boys back on track with their education. They gave the boys new school supplies to use. Sadly, the boys didn’t really want to go back to school so they sold their supplies in the city. When the people at the rehabilitation center realized this they decided to not let the boys go to the city unless they went to class. Therefore, they would need their supplies. Since they loved going to the city so much the boys went to class everyday. This helped improve their education.
    A question I have is: When are they going to leave this center? They have been living here for a while and and not heard a thing about the war. Everything seems to be so good even the fighting is decreasing. The boys are going to school now and they are overcoming their addictions. The only downfall was that they were beginning to remember horrible things they did. Ishmael especially was started to feel what he had done. Ishmael has improved so much since he has been there. He has started to open up to the Nurse by telling her how he got shot. She has really helped him get back to the way he used to be by even letting him listen to his favorite music. 
       A quote that stands out to me is when Ishmael says, ” I had to go to the hospital. My plan was to steal a first-aid kit and treat myself, but the nurse was there.”(Beah 140-141). This stood out because before all this improvement happened the boys were fighting and rebelling in every way possible. Ishmael had punched a window and gotten glass stuck in his hand.  Although the strangest thing is that he didn’t want to go to the nurse he just wanted to take care of it himself. These boys seem to just want to be seen as being tough enough to deal with things themselves and not need the civilians help. The boys are never really going to improve until they can trust the civilians and not have to do everything themselves when it isn’t necessary.

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